Guest Blogging: East Coast By Choice

Recently, my twitter friend Kimberly, writer of EastCoastByChoice, contributor to Undeathmatch, and all around interesting person was soliciting guest posts for EastCoastByChoice. Given that people often ask me about why I came out east, I figured it would be a good tale to write and submit (it helped that I already had a draft of said story). Kim has graciously decided to publish my story. You can read it here.

Guest Blogging: Undeathmatch

Undeathmatch, a blog made up of some Canadian writers, has been pitting various supernatural beasts against each other in both literary and popularity wise over the last few months. This month, they had a call for guest posts, hoping for something that might go toe to toe with the winner of the last two rounds, werewolves.

So I wrote something. I doubt they could take on werewolves popularity wise, but I would like to introduce the latest contender in (un)deathmatch, the mighty Golem.

Let the match begin!