Maritimes JUG – First Meeting Recap

On Wednesday, I gave a talk about RESTful based web services for the local Maritimes JUG. This was the first Halifax meeting and also my first public talk since my disastrous Ruby on Rails presentation a few years back. Thankfully, I had learned from my previous experience, and while I was doing a semi-live coding demo, I also had a completed copy of my demo to fall back on, in the event of typos.

My presentation was an introduction to  JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful web services as well as an intro to JAXB, since the JAX-RS frameworks all seem to use it for XML serialization. The frameworks for JAX-RS use simple annotations to define the web services, and if you aren’t trying to do something complicated,  it is really easy to get going.

Overall, I think things went fairly well. I had a few stumbling blocks in my demo, but made my way through. There were about a dozen developers there, who seemed to get what I was saying, and there were a few good questions, all of which I was thankfully able to answer. After my presentation, I  had a few good talks with various people, including web development, hosting challenges, and some of the limitations of JAXB. Overall, for a ‘first’ meeting, I think it went pretty well. Thanks to Sheep Dog Inc for providing a venue.

For those interested, here are the slides and demo project.