Formats, Microformats, and Exporting, Oh My!

The other day, I came across this Microformat Bookmarklet, designed to extract hCard and hCalendar markup from a website and into a format that people can use. ‘Hey’, I though, ‘that’s pretty cool, why don’t I use those in places’.

It was the motivator that finally got me to fix a long open feature request for TigerEvents. Now, the event view has hCalendar markup for those who care.

Once that was done, I thought, since I had already done hCal, why not figure out iCal export? Easier than I would have thought, thanks to the iCalendar gem and the send_data method. Now people can grab iCalender export by individual event, group, or category. People should even be able to subscribe to iCal files and have events automatically shown in their calendar app (if said app has this feature). Only future events are shown, however, in order to cut down on file size.

Finally, while I was working on the above, a friend stopped by, saw what I was doing and commented, ‘you know… it would be awesome if I could click on a link and have the event loaded into my google calendar’. So, quickly scouring the web came up with Google Calendar event publishing guide and after a few minutes, I managed to add that functionality as well.

Now for RSS feeds…

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