Murphy’s Law And A Comedy Of Errors

So……. on Thursday I received an e-mail from the audiologist in Ontario saying that she did have a loaner unit in that she could send out post haste. All the delivery people needed was a number which they could reach me at……. Yeah, I thought that was funny too. I sent my number, along with a comment that I thought it would be funny if they tried to call. But at least if there was a delivery they should leave one of those delivery notices at my apartment, right?

After work the other day, I came home and found my answering machine light blinking. A message, and I had a sneaking suspicion that it was the delivery people, despite a lack of written notice. But how to check if I could not hear? Ah, sweet irony. Thankfully a friend of mine was willing and able to dial in and retrieve my messages remotely and after a few tries was able to decipher ‘Purolater on Young has your package’. A quick check, and it was discovered that they closed at 6:00. It was 5:25. A well placed call for a cab from my friend, and scooping up all my laundry money, I was on my way. Arrived at quarter to 6, went in and……. they couldn’t find the package. What I was able to make out was that one of the drivers actually had it, but they would send it out again on Monday and even be sure to knock on my door! (Needless to say, I told them to just KEEP it at the pick up point, and I would be by on Monday to pick it up).

At least I should have my hearing back on Monday. Now if only this infernal ringing in my head would stop…..

Audiological Apparatus Optional

So this morning my implant just refused to work.

‘Bullshit!’ I can immediatly here some of you saying, ‘You can’t pull that one over us again’. And hey, since this is the eve of one of the greatest pranks I have ever performed, I don’t blame anyone who has those thoughts.

It’s the same fact that this is pretty much the one year anniversary of said prank which makes this situation that more ironic, cause this is the real deal. No jokes, no pranks, no gotchas, I am once more thrust down the rabbit hole and coming out into the world of the audiologically challenged.

Review – Metroid Prime: Hunters

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed off Metroid Prime: Hunters on his Nintendo DS. Playing it for a few minutes, I have to admit I was hooked. Using the stylus to aim and select things just seemed so SIMPLE, the gameplay itself was good, and it has multiplayer capability!

I picked up my own copy shortly after finishing up Compiler Construction, and I beat the game today. A few things of note:

  • Short game – 7 hours game time got me to the end (66% of items/lore/etc)
  • Hand cramps – Stylus good, holding the DS with other hand not so good (I suppose this is one of the reasons the DS Lite was created).
  • ?????? – That is an actual column in the ‘Records’ section. Yep, there is the regular bout of Nintendo unlockables. Awesome (and at least with the short game time, I don’t have to rewind through 20+ hours of gameplay
  • Missiles – Really, I know they are in all the other games, but I felt that they were useless here. USELESS.

Haven’t really had a chance to try out multiplayer (don’t have wireless), so I can’t really comment on that. Overall, I am really liking the game though. Nice amount of exploration with some fast and furios bounty hunter on bountry hunter action. Now all I have to do is figure out what ???? is …….

Roombanomics 101

Back when Oliver and I submitted the Roomba to MakeZine, I noticed that Make was accepting proposals for projects to present at Maker Faire. And by accepting, I mean ‘oh, proposal deadline is in 3 hours. Maybe we should send something off quickly?’. So we did, and we waited expectantly for the March 21st approval date. Said date came and went without any word, so we thought that nothing had come as a result.

Until Oliver got an e-mail today asking for a picture that they could put on this site. So we were apparently accepted and have a table there. And there are less than 2 weeks to said event. And we are just finding out now, due to the original e-mail disappearing somewhere somehow.

So…… we’re actually going to see if we can make it down. We just need to put together enough funds to travel there, find a place to stay, put together an actual presentation………… sounds possible considering we should probably get back to them in 48-72 hours, right?

Ah…… end of term can never be simple, can it?

Discover The Unexpected

A while ago, I was contacted to participate in a new advertising campaign for Dal. They were apparently looking for ‘cool students doing cool things’ and one of my professors apparently recommended me from among students in our faculty. Go figure. At the time, I thought to myself ‘Sure, why not?’. I thought that it would be something like a little blurb and a photo in some advertising pamphlet, maybe even my picture on a fridge magnet that I could send home.

Instead……… I ended up Discovering the Unexpected.

I have to admit that the photo shoot and the video was fun, even if the entire thing went farther than initially expected. Talking to some of the other students involved with this, they all had the original ‘I thought it was just going to be a picture and some text’ expectations that I had, and are all a little overwhelmed by what it became in the end. Especially since the other day we found out that some of this stuff might be in movie theatres this summer………..

My first thought was ‘Dear God, I have to move out of this province now’.