Degree Requirements

At the start of this term, I thought I had one more degree requirement: one second year or higher course that was from Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Management or Commerce. ‘Crap’ said I, ‘I most likely won’t be able to complete that until next fall’.

Today, however, I checked over what I needed to graduate and all I will need after this term is any one course. ANY ONE COURSE. I forgot that I signed up for a 3rd year commerce (Entrepreneurship) course at the last minute this term. Which means I can basically take anything this summer if I wanted to.

Funnily enough, this discovery comes just after having a talk with Dr. Scrimger regarding the directed studies course. Sure, at the time I didn’t think I would be able to take this course. However, it is my opinion that simple course work doesn’t really cut it for preparing students for their post university experience. Sure there is Co-op, but that is more ‘ok I need a job, any job, and maybe I will like it or not’ where Directed Studies is supposed to be more of ‘Yeah, this stuff really excites me, I want to try it’. Sure, there is Honours as well, but Honours has additional requirements.
Additionally, it is my understanding that there are Faculty members that have work that needs to be done, but that isn’t really of graduate thesis calibre, or is really some small project that is tangential to things being worked on, but needs to be done at some point to support other work, or just stuff that needs to be done to create a proper infrastructure for further work to be done on. Wouldn’t it be great to match interested undergrads with interesting things that actually need to be done?

Now, an argument against all this is that the professors are volunteering their own time to supervise a student. However, they also have final say on if a student is able to perform directed studies or not. So, making more individuals aware of directed studies (and honours technically) might cost them a little more in meetings up front, but the pay off is that their is a greater possibility of attracting motivated students who have interesting ideas that in turn, might interest the professor and there is also the chance of finding people that are willing to do things that are actually needed.

So, we’ll see how things go in both regards. Can I set something up, so Professors have a larger pool of candidates for doing interesting things? Can I come up with something interesting enough that I can enroll in directed studies in the near future? I am certainly interested in finding out.

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