Wow, I Didn’t See That Coming

Due to a freak accident, part of my implant is broken. Better yet, it happened after the offices I would call closed down. Due to the fact that parts come from AUSTRALIA of all places (I shit you not), it has taken parts up to two weeks to arrive before. That’s right, 2 weeks of deafness.

Not that it really matters I suppose, since everyone seems to be fighting.

First some of my best friends leave the city, and then the rest start fighting? Sounds like Ontario all over again. At the very least, this time I know I have prospects for employment in the states, instead of blindly trusting my senses and uprooting myself 3 provinces over.

Something to apply myself towards I suppose.

How To Solve The CS Building’s Cash Flow Problem

# Take over the new ‘Management’ Building next door once it is complete. It’s taller than ours and the management faculty is obviously not as important as us.
# Turn the current CS Building into an Urban Paintball field to generate revenue. I mean, think about how awesome it would be to do Couterstrike like missions with paintball guns in the CS Building.

# What about the management students? Well, they’ve gotten used to the management building already. What’s a few more years taking classes there?